You were told your entire life that you should plan a huge wedding. You’re supposed to want a big, fussy ceremony, a giant reception with lots of guests and a great DJ, and a huge cake with a bride and groom perched at the top.

But that’s not what you want. You’ve never been the “big, fussy ceremony” kind of person. Maybe you don’t have a church, or you don’t want to be married there.

Perhaps your date is unavailable. Maybe you want something a little more private and intimate. Maybe a big wedding simply isn’t in your budget.

At The Courthouse Wedding Chapel, we don’t care why you don’t want a big, fancy wedding. We can accommodate your desires for a smaller ceremony, no matter what the reason.

We’ve helped put together quick, inexpensive weddings for couples who were facing military deployment, who wanted to share their ceremony with only close friends and family, or who simply couldn’t wait to celebrate the love they shared.

A small, intimate wedding can be beautiful. It never has to mean cheap or tasteless. Today, many couples are choosing to have small weddings for a variety of reasons.

If you’re looking for a small, intimate setting without the boring backdrop of an actual courthouse, we can help! At The Courthouse Wedding Chapel, we work with you to bring your perfect small wedding dreams to reality.