Getting a marriage license in Ft.Bend County

ftbendcrestGetting married at The Courthouse Wedding Chapel in Houston, Texas is quick and easy no matter what county you live in. Ft. Bend County, Texas is no different. After you obtain your marriage license from the County Clerks office near you for $65.00 Cash, *Credit Card or Money Order, we will marry you at the Chapel for only $110.00. You can register on line before, after or the same day you pick up your marriage license. Remember , you have to wait 72 hours before you say “I Do” . After we marry you, we will file your marriage license for you!  (Call us at 281-803-9818)

We can also provide you with  a pre-marital education course. Just contact us at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  Marriage License Fee May Be Reduced From $65.00 To $5.00 with Valid Proof Of State Approved Pre-Marital Education Course.
*Payment made by credit or debit card will be charged a convenience fee  of 2.75%based on the amount of the charge ($1.00 minimum).

Must be 18 years of age or applicants under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. (There are several conditions under which a person under the age of 18 may legally marry).  Call (281) 341-8652 for additional information.
Proof of age and identity (Valid drivers license, certified copy of a birth certificate with a valid photo ID, Passport, etc.).  Call (281) 341-8652 for questions regarding other acceptable forms of ID.
A divorce by either party must be final 30 days prior to APPLYING for the marriage license.
All applicants that have been issued a social security number must provide their social number to the clerk at the time the application is processed.  The actual card does not need to be presented.
The $21.00 Fee is non-refundable and will be applied as a Search Fee or a Certificate Production Fee when the clerk conducts a search of marriage records.
You have the option of searching the records online or at our offices in Richmond, Missouri City or Katy, and paying a per page copy fee when the customer provides the certificate number with the request. Copy cost $1.00 per page + $5.00 per certification + $1.00 vitals preservation fee per record produced.(Example: 1 page marriage license copy = $7.00)
A license purchased in any Texas county can be used in The State Of Texas and any other state or country that will accept it. (Including: Ceremony Performed on an Aircraft, Boat or Ship Traveling in the US or International Territory.)
It may be used in any county in Texas.
The original license will be returned to you after it is filed.
The license will remain on file in the county where it was purchased.  Certified copies may be ordered from that county at any time.
When a license is purchased, it may not be used for the first 72 hours.
A District Judge may waive the waiting period if a timely request is made.
The license is valid for ninety (90) days including the date of purchase.
There is no law requiring a blood test.
For Marriage by Proxy, please call (281) 341-8652 for additional information.
Couples living as husband and wife may wish to make their marriage a matter of record without formal ceremony. Call (281) 341-8652 for additional information on an Informal Marriage Declaration.Excerpted from