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             CWC Terms and Conditions


Couples must have and bring with them a valid Texas Marriage License . This Marriage License can be obtained from the County Clerk’s Office in Texas at least 72 hours before wedding, You do not have to live in the county you obtain the marriage license from.

Active Military Personnel are not subject to the 72 hour rule. They can get married the same day they obtain the marriage license. Please bring ID. Marriage licenses are good for 90 days.

We will file your Marriage License for you AFTER the wedding. If you wish to change your name quickly with TDPS and Social Security Administration without having to wait 30 days for the return of your marriage license. please purchase the expedited certified copy service. (Harris County only) You will need this anyway as you will not be able to use the original marriage license to make the changes. Please call us if you have questions about this.


If you wish to have a portion of your Ceremony in Spanish, please add it to your reservation. If you wish the entire service in Spanish, the fee is $60.00. There is no extra charge to have just your vows in Spanish and English. Please confirm with officiant just before the ceremony.

Unity Candle, Unity Cross and Unity Heart Ceremony items can be provided by Officiant, but you will not be able to take them home with you. You may purchase your own item for use during the ceremony to keep. If you wish to purchase your own Unity Heart or Unity Cross, you may do so from Wedding Options. Please allow at least 2 weeks for engraving. Unity Rose Ceremony, please bring your own roses. If you wish to use our artificial rose, you can. Let us know.  We will do the rest. If you choose Sand, you will be able to take it home with you.

Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere are available for use as part of any Package if you need to use it then just ask. Please adhere to the number of guests that you requested. If this changes, you may add on more guests in increments of ten. This includes children. (not babies that will ne held) If you are not sure what type of Ceremony you would like, choose Short Ceremony and you always upgrade later..

Our goal is to make the experience at the Chapel memorable and respectful of the event.  We reserve the right to make changes to our terms and conditions and to modify the process we follow at the Chapel based on time available and package chosen.

Delivery of our services are considered concluded when the marriage license has been sent to appropriate Texas county of origin for recording.



If you have to reschedule, we will change your wedding date to the next available slot of your choosing. You will not have to make an additional deposit. If you wait for the day of your wedding to reschedule, you will lose any payments you have made. Payments are not refundable but are transferable to another individual or to another date if change is made in a timely fashion

Please understand that we do not do refunds for any reason, so there is no need to ask. We will reschedule you based on availability within a reasonable time frame. No reschedules on the day of the wedding.  We will offer a refund if for some reason we have decided we cannot do your ceremony  (This is extremely rare)  If there is a disaster type weather scenarios, we will only reschedule you as soon as that information is made available. This is an important day for all concerned, please take the time to review your choices and schedules so that cancellation can be minimized.
*After Hours Weddings refer to Chapel Weddings conducted after 3 p.m. Monday thru Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 10 a.m and 4 p.m.

The Courthouse Wedding Chapel already offers discounted fees for a full wedding ceremony.  Deposits are allowed as a courtesy.  This is not intended to be used as a payment plan.               All unpaid balances are due at the latest, 10 Days before the wedding. If your wedding is within 72 hours of the time you made your deposit and the package has not been chosen or payment made, you run the risk of losing your slot and monies paid. . We do not conduct financial transactions at The Chapel. You must do your transactions on line. You can use the link on your confirmation email to make additional payments or give us a call or email and we will do it for you.

We love to see your family and friends with you to support you on your special day. This is what we are all about. If your guests arrive early they can await your arrival in the Atrium sunken area nearby the Koi Pond. If you have an after hours wedding, please consider having someone designated to recognize family members and let them in through the main building door. The doors automatically lock in the evening 6 p.m. and on weekends AT 2p.m.  It is possible to see who is there from the Atrium. If this is not possible for you then let us know ahead of time and we will try to accommodate you.
We ask that if you or your guests decide to bring small children or babies with you that someone is designated to watch and supervise them at all times. This is for their safety and well being. The Chapel is not child-proof so young children are expected to stay seated or with a guardian. If a baby/child begins to cry (which they often do) during the ceremony, we would ask that the guardian step outside so as not to disrupt. They should situate themselves near the Exits so as not to disrupt . The Officiant will pause to give them enough time to step outside to quiet the child. This is so that you can focus on this special moment. Please advise your guests.
Finally, although the Chapel can retain a photographer for you, we welcome your photographer, professional or a skilled friend. We ask that you limit your photographer to one or two individuals. The Chapel is not big enough to accommodate more people moving around during the ceremony. It will be disruptive to the solemnity of the moment. We ask that you remind your guests to refrain from videoing and taking pictures during the ceremony. We will allow some time at the end for photos.
Please understand that the Chapel is simply an alternative to getting married in the Courtroom  and is not for Rent. It is only for your use.

This is considered a license and not a lease with all legal ramifications of that distinction. User shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Courthouse Wedding Chapel from all losses, costs and claims of any kind whatsoever arising from or incidental to User;s use of the The Courthouse Wedding Chapel and Reception area.

We Have read these terms and conditions in its entirety and understand the contents

What is included in The Courthouse Wedding Chapel Ceremony?

All Ceremonies at the Main Chapel include:

Use of Bride’s Bouquet (Artificial)

Use of Groom’s Boutonniere (Artificial)


Licensed, Certified and Background Screened Officiant (to perform your ceremony)

Decorated Chapel

Filing of Marriage License

Keepsake Certificate

You may ADD up to 50 guests with you to your Ceremony. Ceremonies are different from each other based on the number of guests , whether you desire to have a Unity Element and what time or day you choose to have your ceremony performed.

We perform ceremonies 7 days a week based on availability. Any wedding that you would like to schedule after 3pm M-F or on the weekend, please check the AFTER HOURS packages. Choose Simple if you do not desire a Unity element. Choose Sweet if you do

Only choose one Unity Component for the Sweet Ceremony. eg. Unity Sand, Unity Candle, Jump da Broom.

Short Ceremonies include You, Your Fiance and up to 2 guests. You may schedule these Ceremonies for After -Hours as well.

Weddings by The Fireplace include You, Your Fiance and up to 2 guests ( performed Wednesdays and Thursdays Only)

Mobile Minister does not include the following except the Keepsake Certificate and of course, we file the marriage license for you

How do I get a marriage license in Texas?

Couples applying for a marriage license IN PERSON must:

Appear together at one of the Clerk’s sever Vital Records locations. (County Clerks Office)

Present valid government issued identification with proof of age.
Fill out and sign the marriage license application.

Pay the marriage license fee of approximately 72.00. You should check your nearest count clerk for exact fee.

There is a waiting period of 72 hours befor you can get married but the marriage license lasts 90 days.

You may choose an alternative to getting married in the sterile and unpredictable atmosphere of a courtroom or office by registering for a simple and affordable wedding at The Courthouse Wedding Chapel located on the North side of Houston,Tx.

Weddings by The Fireplace! A Very Short Ceremony by the Chapel Fireplace

Weddings by The Fireplace! A Very Short Ceremony by the Chapel Fireplace 15 minutes @ $160.00

No hoopla, no walking down the aisle, with or without rings. No witnesses required. If you are thinking about a Secret Wedding or planning a destination wedding, this is the Ceremony for you. Short but Super Sweet!
Ceremony will be done in the chapel’s reception area in front of our faux fireplace. Only 2 guests. No exceptions. Children are considered guests.  BOOK NOW

Getting Married in the City of Houston


If you are thinking about getting married this year in Houston, there is a new alternative to a stark courtroom or stuffy judge’s office. You now have an affordable , private and romantic choice. A wedding memory that will last you a lifetime. All you need is a marriage license from any County Clerk’s office in Texas. Make your reservation at and you can walk down the aisle with up to 50 of your family or friends surrounding you. Civil or Spiritual Wedding ceremony reservations are available 7 days a week and even on many special holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Easter and Valentine Day. Show up on your special day at your appointment time and we take care of everything ,including filing your marriage license for you after the wedding.  Hard to believe? Check out our reviews!

Simple Sweet.Short.

After You Get Engaged, What Next?

Probably the first thing a couple does when they get engaged is relish the feeling of commitment. Treasure this.

But pretty soon, there are some action items that need to be taken care of.

You need to tell your parents and his, preferably both of you together. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are told first, but this is not a requirement any more.

It’s a really good idea to purchase a journal. You’re going to have tons of memories in the next few months, and a journal is a way to keep those memories alive years after the wedding is over.

Have an engagement party. This doesn’t have to be over-the-top, but you will want to let your friends in on the celebration. Along with the engagement party, have announcements printed in local newspapers, mail announcements to friends and family, and create an engagement website.

Set a date as soon as possible. You’ll feel more “engaged” when you have what Dr. Laura likes to refer to as “a ring and a date.”

You’ve got to set a tone for the wedding. Is it going to be formal or informal? Are you going to have a religious or secular ceremony?

Also, you need to set the parameters for budget. If you and your fiancé are paying the bill, you need to look at what you can realistically afford. Think about your long term financial goals and decide what is really important to you. If someone else is sharing the bill, you need to talk to them frankly about what their limits are – and respect them.

You need to choose your attendants and get them involved in supporting you right away. There are likely some friends or relatives who you “must” choose, but where you can, select people who can actually help you carry the load.

Along those lines, talk straight with the principles about how much they can contribute in terms of time. If you are busy with work or school and can’t do extensive planning and others don’t want to split the load, you may want to think about hiring a wedding planner at this stage.

Finally, start looking at venues for the wedding ceremony and reception immediately. Popular venues are booked months in advance, so you don’t want to leave this crucial step until it’s too late.

But the most important thing to remember is that this is supposed to be a romantic and fun time in your life. Take time to delight in each step. And also remember to take time to enjoy each other. Let the wedding planning process cement your bond.

Wedding Sex – Virgin or Not, It’s a Sacred Event


Question from Bride: “My husband is a virgin but I am not. I feel guilty that he saved himself for marriage. How can I make our wedding sex special when I’ve already had sex before with other men?”

Wedding sex is on a whole new level.  Traditionally, people were supposed to wait until marriage, but it’s more of a rarity among couples today.  If you’re a religious couple, chances are higher that you’ve saved yourself for an amazing night of wedding sex.

But it’s more than just sex, regardless of whether or not you’ve been romantically entangled with someone previously.  Wedding sex is the first moment the two of you will give yourselves to one another as husband and wife.

Even if you’ve already had intercourse with one another, wedding sex will be memorable and romantic and special because you’ve just joined your hearts in a celebration of commitment forever.

If you’re a virgin bride, you may have a lot of anxiety about wedding sex.  That’s normal and your groom will probably understand if you’re open about your fears.  The key is to make it an intimate moment.  Read some guides that deal with intimacy, not just the act of sex itself.

Make sure you take your time and don’t rush your intimate moments that night.  Wear something special for your wedding sex – lingerie fit for a beautiful bride.  Linger in your first moments as husband and wife.  And most of all – enjoy yourself!

Some couples even find wedding sex is out of the question after several days filled with high-stress, long hours and partying.  That’s okay, too.  No one said you MUST have sex on your wedding night.  You want it to be special, so save it for when you’re full of energy if you want to!

You may even want to have a ceremony before the intimacy takes place (especially if you’re worried about not being a virgin bride).  You can write vows only your husband will hear about devoting your body to him and he to you – anything romantic will do the job.

Most of all, just be you. Only Love Matters.