Wedding was so magical

February 11, 2024

Thank you for making our special day so memorable and magical. My husband and I are so thankful for our experience with you. Every thing was perfect.

Jennifer Bishop

Awesome experience

April 2, 2021

This was a great alternative from doing the courthouse, I totally forgot the lady name that married use(its been a long week) but nonetheless she made sure we was taken care of, everything transitioned so smoothly and she took her time making sure everything was right for me and my husband. The photographer captured every moment (VIP media) they were so professional and friendly. The decor of the chapel was very beautiful and the music made the experience that much more intitmate would definitely recommend this if you do not want to do a regular court house

Tanya and Dj

Simply Beautiful

June 7, 2024

The space was perfect for our quaint wedding. We had all the amenities without all the fuss. The photographer was amazing capturing our moments, he was in the space, but not invasive. Thank you for a memorable day.

Mrs. Mack

Completely Recommend

March 25, 2024

Stress free, organized, nicely decorated, professional, easy, emotional and beautiful experience. We are delighted to have gotten married here.

Our photos are gorgeous. The easiest place to get married and special.

Mrs Diaz

Best Day Ever!

March 15, 2024

Great venue for a wedding. Everything was so beautiful. Chaplain Pat was AMAZING!

Schronda Adams

A very welcoming atmosphere

March 3, 2024

We were so happy to be married here.


Easy but Special!

February 11, 2024

We had no idea what to expect when we pulled up for our wedding. 15 minutes, only 4 guests, and we hadn’t planned anything ourselves … how beautiful could this wedding really be? It turns out, quite beautiful! I wish all brides knew that there was such an easy and affordable option available. This was one of the most memorable and yet stress free days of our lives and a great way to start a marriage. Thanks Courthouse Weddings!

Jessica Stafford

Amazing experience!

February 11, 2024

Our wedding was intimate, short and sweet! We felt welcomed and accommodated. Our Pastor met all of our needs and was kind. Thank you so much, highly recommend!



January 16, 2024

Great place for wedding

Setup was wonderful


Nice and simple

January 16, 2024

Very friendly and caring


Nice and simple.

November 13, 2023

We had a great experience. Chaplain Pat was very clear and straight to the point. Explained what and how it would proceed. Loved that she did everything and than more to make sure you got the best pictures and angles.

Love how simple yet elegant it all was.

Mr Mrs Poullard

Best experience ever!

November 13, 2023

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Our officiant was fantastic and did everything with such grace. She fixed my hair to make sure that I looked perfect for pictures and she made the overall experience something that we will never forget. Lots of laughs and definitely a beautiful chapel. The decor was phenomenal, the music elegant and if I were you I would chose this place for sure! Mrs. Pat walked us through the entire process and we didn’t have to do anything but show up and smile. I am so incredibly happy.

Lashonda Bowman-West

Amazing wedding!

November 13, 2023

Wow is an understatement for the care and service we received! Chaplain Pat was so funny and welcoming. She definitely calmed our nerves. We went in so nervous, not expecting or knowing what to do, but Chaplain Pat explained everything and walked us through everything. Everything went by so beautifully that I wanted to cry tears of joy! I’d definitely recommend Chaplain Pat and The Courthouse Wedding ceremony as your next venue!

Prativa Maharaj

Carter Wedding

November 13, 2023

I loved our experience. Nice Decor and places to take good pictures. Everyone enjoyed Chaplin Pat’s officiant speech. Also, I appreciated how she directed our family to keep the wedding moving along.

Dion Carter


November 13, 2023

This place was awesome. Handled our marriage with the most care. I felt as if I was there with family. Great place, great setup. I will definitely be recommending this place.

Sanders Alix


November 13, 2023

Love how on time the Pastor was. Very friendly and caring to our needs. Would highly recommend 👌

Latrice Billings

Best Intimate Wedding

November 13, 2023

Our wedding was a wonderful, intimate experience! If I had one critique to make, it would be to have the best man walk the maid of honor down the aisle and stand up front. Other than that, we had no complaints. Chaplain Pat was precise, organized, professional, and spot on! She made us feel at ease about the entire process from start to finish. We will definitely be recommending for years to come.

Mr. Mrs. Tucker

Beautiful Wedding

November 13, 2023

It was a Beautiful wedding, beyond our imagination. It was more then we had expected. Just Beautiful💝 Thank you so much! We are telling everyone how romantic it was💝truly truly a blessing 💝 Ms. Chaplin Pat is Amazing with a beautiful spirit💝

Roxanne and Robert

It was perfect!

November 13, 2023

My partner and I chose to get married at this courthouse chapel, unsure of what to expect, but the experience surpassed our wildest dreams! The moment we stepped in, we were greeted by an atmosphere that combined the solemnity of a courthouse with the intimacy and charm of a traditional wedding venue. The place, though simple, was beautiful in its own unique way, providing the perfect backdrop for our nuptials.

What truly made our day exceptional was the person who officiated our wedding. Their warmth, kindness, and calming presence immediately put us at ease. They made the ceremony feel incredibly personal and heartfelt, striking the perfect balance between formality and familiarity. Every word spoken seemed to resonate with our journey and hopes for the future, making our special moment feel even more unique.

Getting married at a courthouse might not be everyone’s first choice, but for us, it turned out to be the fairy tale we never knew we wanted. It was not only stress-free and affordable but also incredibly romantic and memorable. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect place to start our forever. To all the staff and especially our wonderful officiant — thank you for giving us the wedding of our dreams!

Andres Nunez

Amazing Place for a Wedding

November 13, 2023

When we scheduled our wedding at the Courthouse Chapel, we did not expect such a beautiful place. It looks plain on the outside, but once we entered, it was like a magical place. The lights, the music and Chaplain Pat made it such a loving and very sweet atmosphere. It was so beautiful and Chaplain Pat’s words got me so emotional that I actually began to cry while I was putting the ring on my husband’s finger. I highly recommend this place if you are on a budget and want a simple wedding, but still want the magical feeling of being a bride and groom.

James and Sandra Klemme


November 13, 2023

Pat is so sweet. She greeted us with a big smile, and she was so warm, welcoming, and organized throughout the ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet – just what we wanted! If you want a courthouse wedding, we definitely recommend here.

Gracie Justin

Beautiful ceremony

November 13, 2023

Our ceremony was beautiful! We were walked through every step of the way and felt like our ceremony was perfect. We were treated very kindly and felt supported throughout. We had a little under 20 guests and everyone loved it! I would recommend for anyone who wants a simple, yet very special ceremony for their big day! Thank you for making ours perfect!

Mr. and Mrs. Tang

A great experience!

October 15, 2023

Everything went great very smooth was a great day I would definitely recommend !!

Amanda Martinez

An Amazing Day‼️

July 24, 2023

We were very please with The Courthouse Wedding Chapel. The entire experience was beautiful. Chaplain Pat made our day come true. Our guests, My wife and I were very impressed with the whole experience of the ceremony. We want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts 💙

Mr. Mrs. Compean

Chaplain Pat

May 27, 2023

The Courthouse Wedding Chapel far exceeded our expectations. The entire experience was like a beautiful fairytale and I was made to feel like the queen. Chaplain Pat was remarkable, confident yet personable and made our day Extraordinary!

Ronald and June Williams

Wonderful day

April 24, 2023

Chaplain Pat was efficient and great at easing our pre-wedding nerves. The ceremony was sweet and we loved the opportunity to take photos around the chapel afterwards. Our guests were also happy – we were looking for a civil ceremony that could accommodate our family groups and friends, without the stress/expense of arranging a venue and officiant. Chaplain Pat provided the exact type of option we needed. We would definitely recommend!

The Lopezes

Wedding Review

March 26, 2023

On 3-23-23, I married my best friend at Courthouse Weddings. Everything was perfect and beautiful. The officiant was very professional, helpful, and made us feel like family. This place was remarkable and my wedding was perfect. They made sure we were comfortable and that we were stress and worry free. If you want a smaller, intimate wedding with a huge feel , this is the place: thank you guys for

Making this the best experience and

Day of our lives.

Chloe Evans

Perfect Wedding Chapel!!

March 21, 2023

My husband and I got married at this beautiful chapel in January. My husband and I wanted an intimate small ceremony and this place was perfect. Chaplain Pat was amazing! She made sure that every detail was perfect, even down to our poses for the photographer. We followed Chaplain Pat’ s instructions and the result was an amazingly beautiful wedding and tons of gorgeous photos. The wishing tree was a lovely element to the wedding. My husband and I will always remember our day and we’re both so happy to have entrusted our wedding day in the hands of Chaplain Pat and the Courthouse Wedding Chapel.

Mr. Mrs. Johnson

Short and Sweet

March 15, 2023

We didn’t know what to expect from our ceremony. It was short and intimate and just right for the both of us. Cannot recommend this place enough whether you want a private ceremony for just you two or a larger affair. They accommodate very well. The atmosphere is also very nice.

Mr. and Mrs. Toms

Best Wedding Ever!

March 13, 2023

This is one of the best weddings experience I have ever had. It has come a long way from the past when you get married in an office and say I DOs . I wanted something beautiful and not expensive but in Houston. Every where was so expensive and other places were questionable.

I saw your website and i knew this was for me. I wanted something small and intimate and not expensive. When i got there, the judge was wonderful. She was kind, sweet, and gave good directions. It shows how much she cares about people and her job with connecting couples. She made our wedding day a special event. The venue was decorated beautifully and can accommodate your quests for your special day. They even had flower bouquet for women. The wedding music was elegant for the bride coming down the aisle. I was able to take pictures with my family. There was even jumping the broom. If you wanted that. It was a class act and top any expensive wedding venue. We were able to spend the extra money on a honeymoon. I think the judge and courthouse weddings for creating something so beautiful and intimate. I will never forget these wonderful memories . Thank you for the love and care you put into it. I was able to marry my soul mate. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get married to their soul mate. ❤️

The Harris

Wonderful experience!

February 22, 2023

From making sure I looked great in pictures to the clear communication and the kindness of chaplain Pat the experience was great! So blessed to start this new life journey in such a wonderful way!

Emily Haggins

Great experience

February 16, 2023

We wanted a small short intimate ceremony and that is exactly what we got. Our chaplain was so nice and she made us very comfortable. I would recommend them especially if you are looking for the same!

Caitlin Daniel


February 14, 2023

Chaplain was so helpful, we love the place how was the decorated. Thank you so much

Fidelia Alvarado

Amazing Courthouse Wedding

February 12, 2023

Very sweet and intimate. They really took the time to make us feel special and take the pressure off. They understand the importance and sanctity of the ceremony.


Truly Simple and Sweet

February 7, 2023

Absolutely amazing experience! Pat was so warm and welcoming. She made everything so easy for me and my family

Star Jeff

Amazing– Just the two of us!

February 4, 2023

We came to the “Courthouse Wedding Chapel” thinking that we were just going to go in and sign some documents and be on our way. This place was more than we thought it would be. The chaplain here first of all greeted us and introduced herself and was so kind. She answered any questions we had prior to starting and made us feel comfortable the whole time. She asked if I (the bride) wanted to walk down the aisle of just “get it done”. lol. I opted to walk down the aisle even though I was not prepared at all for this. To describe the place, she had a small decorated seating area for any guests who wanted to attend the ceremony, had a small decorated pictorial area, and even a small place to hang coats and leave bags. Everything was well thought out! It was very cute. We did not have any witnesses or guests with us, but she did not make that a big deal and still made the whole process feel very “official”. She had faux bouquets of flowers for me to choose from and even played music and cued me when to walk down the aisle since I waited around the corner. Mind you, I was wearing uggz, leggings and a sweater. lol. She performed the ceremony beautifully and lead the way for us even though we were both really lost/ nervous (we were not expecting all this). In the end, she even took the time to take our photos including telling us where to stand, how to pose and took our pics during the signing of our marriage certificates. The photos were perfect and we will forever cherish them and remember that day. She also took the time to see if we had any additional questions or concerns about when we would get the final signed copy of the certificate– since we would be leaving out of the country for our big wedding ceremony. In summary, this place was wonderful and we could not have asked for a better experience. Our tiny bloopers and all; just the two of us. If you are looking for some where to have your ceremony, do not hesitate to come to this place. It’s super cute, the chaplain is well prepared and has many years of experience ordaining marriages and just knows how to make the whole event special. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. You won’t regret it!


Sweet & Simply

January 29, 2023

Our marriage was intimate and sweet; just as we wanted. Chaplain Pat was just the officiant for us…personable and matter of fact. We greatly appreciate your help creating our special moment!

The Stones

Well Worth It

January 4, 2023

The Chapel is a great all-inclusive experience for couples wanting more than simply standing before a judge in a courtroom, but definitely wanting less than an expensive wedding ceremony. The decor and setting are great for any type of ceremony. Even the music that’s provided is relaxing and minimizes the stress of trying to find the right soundtrack for the moment. Additionally, if a photographer is accompanying you, the chaplain is helpful with directing the perfect opportunity for pictures. It’s well worth it!

Max & Ashley


December 22, 2022

My husband and I decided to go ahead and elope. This place was amazing, simple and small. It was quick but I loved it.

Michelle Carrion


November 10, 2022

The people were lovely, the ceremony was efficient, and it was sweet! The chapel was decorated beautifully, they gave me an option of bouquets to hold, and they make sure we were aware of the series of events. Great experience! The photographer was friendly and made us feel comfortable i’m the hustle and busses of it all. The pictures already came back and the ceremony was 4 days ago! 10/10



November 6, 2022

We had such a great experience. Chaplain Pat was amazing, very nice and attentive to having our moment be memorable.


Very intimate wedding

November 5, 2022

Our wedding was just as we wanted it!! Short and sweet! Just the two of us. Officiant Patricia was so nice and polite. So made us feel very welcomed and comfortable.

Stephanie McDonald (Chiles)


November 5, 2022

Fantastic setting and ceremony! I highly recommend The Courthouse Wedding Chapel.

Edward Stone

Amazing 👏

November 2, 2022

I loved my experience at the court house chapel. I loved the scenery. The pictures came out amazing. Couldn’t be more greatful for how quickly and efficiently everything was done . Truly recommend to anyone looking to do something that’s quick beautiful and affordable.


Wouldn’t have it any other way!

October 26, 2022

This place is perfect if you don’t wanna go big like we’d decided. The Courthouse Wedding Chapel exceeded our expectations and I absolutely love our pictures! Only downfall is still having to wear masks but we understand. I was a nervous wreck and chaplain Pat made this a wonderful experience. Thank you!

Jennifer Juarez

The best

October 26, 2022

Excelente atención , y puntualidad


Beautiful experience

October 26, 2022

This was more than what we expected. Very well organized & beautiful settings. We loved it!

– Christina

Great experience!!!

October 26, 2022

Officiant Pat performed our ceremony and I must say, no one else could’ve done a better job. She was very patient, kind, welcoming throughout the ceremony and very professional. She helped my wife and I to stay calm throughout the ceremony. The hall was clean and decorated very well which created a lasting memory we will hold onto for the rest of our lives. She made us feel like part of her family! Thank you Officiant Pat for a beautiful day.

Janeen & Lashawn

The Event Was Amazing

October 26, 2022

Very pleased.


Sanders wedding

October 26, 2022

This was a great place to have your wedding. Chaplain Pat made our wedding memorable for our wedding party.

Italy and Henry