What is included in The Courthouse Wedding Chapel Ceremony?

All Ceremonies at the Main Chapel include: Use of Bride’s Bouquet (Artificial) Use of Groom’s Boutonniere (Artificial) Music Licensed, Certified and Background Screened Officiant (to perform your ceremony) Decorated Chapel Filing of Marriage License Keepsake Certificate You may ADD up to 50 guests with you to your Ceremony. Ceremonies are different from each other based […]

Weddings by The Fireplace! A Very Short Ceremony by the Chapel Fireplace

Weddings by The Fireplace! A Very Short Ceremony by the Chapel Fireplace 15 minutes @ $160.00 No hoopla, no walking down the aisle, with or without rings. No witnesses required. If you are thinking about a Secret Wedding or planning a destination wedding, this is the Ceremony for you. Short but Super Sweet! Ceremony will be done in […]

11 Tips For The Matrimonially-Challenged

Ahhh, jumping the broom. It’s not for everyone, but it’s manageable if you have the right information. ‘It is clear from the relationship issues we have in our society, that none of us have all the answers.  If we did, no one would need advice.  However, as you contemplate tying the knot, take a moment to […]

Are You Considering A Second Marriage: Giving Marriage Another Shot…

It is wedding season again and many couples have been anticipating making a commitment for the second or maybe third time in their lives.: Before making another step in marrying again, are you ready to experience again the consequences of living again with someone? First, you must review the performance you made in your previous marriage. […]