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You’ve been told your entire life that you should plan a huge wedding. You’re supposed to want a big, fussy ceremony, a giant reception with lots of guests and a great DJ, and a huge cake with a bride and groom perched at the top.

But that’s not what you want. You’ve never been the “big, fussy ceremony” kind of person. Maybe you don’t have a church, or you don’t want to be married there.

Perhaps your date is unavailable. Maybe you want something a little more private and intimate. Maybe a big wedding simply isn’t in your budget.

At The Courthouse Wedding Chapel, we don’t care why you don’t want a big, fancy wedding. We can accommodate your desires for a smaller ceremony, no matter what the reason.

We’ve helped put together quick, inexpensive weddings for couples who were facing military deployment, who wanted to share their ceremony with only close friends and family, or who simply couldn’t wait to celebrate the love they shared.

A small, intimate wedding can be beautiful. It never has to mean cheap or tasteless. Today, many couples are choosing to have small weddings for a variety of reasons.

If you’re looking for a small, intimate setting without the boring backdrop of an actual courthouse, we can help! At The Courthouse Wedding Chapel, we work with you to bring your perfect small wedding dreams to reality.


Fireplace Wedding at The Courthouse Wedding Chapel – only $160.00


How Long Must I Wait Between The Time I Get My License And The Actual Ceremony?

There must be at least 72 hours between the date and time of issuance of a license and the time the ceremony occurs unless one applicant is on active duty in the armed forces, or a waiver is granted. (See County Clerk for more details) If a marriage ceremony has not been conducted before the 31st day after the date the license is issued, the marriage license expires. [Family Code 2.201]

We’ll even file the marriage license for you after the wedding, so that you have one less thing to worry about as you begin your journey with your new spouse!

Unity Sand Ceremony is very popular at The Courthouse Wedding Chapel-Houston We have many other types of Unity Ceremonies to choose from. Book a Sweet Wedding now

We have wedding packages to fit any budget, and can even provide the bridal bouquet. Our staff is on hand to make sure that even your simple ceremony is beautiful and unique. We provide an intimate setting, with beautiful, natural outdoor décor including a koi pond!

Our setting is much more relaxed and informal than a traditional courthouse. No pictures of you and the wedding party standing in front of the judge’s bench. No court clerk standing right over you, trying to hurry you through the ceremony or signing the papers. No inmates arriving early, standing shackled in the gallery, sharing in your special day because there was no where else for them to be.

When you’re planning your civil marriage service in the Houston, Texas area, Courthouse Wedding Chapel should definitely be on your short list. Not only can we offer you a low-key ceremony in a beautiful location, we can provide wedding photography, music, bilingual ceremonies and much more.

Call us first or as soon as you pick up your marriage license from the County Clerk’s office and save the date and time for your wedding ceremony. Better yet, just go online and register at www.bookmyweddingnow.com

Just register online for the package of your choice any day of the week and after hours too!  Clock is ticking Book your Valentine Day Package now



Don’t be caught without the key things necessary for scheduling a ceremony with us. It is important that you give our website a look and understand the in & out of documentation and the various ceremony types we have to offer. We want to insure that your memories with us are joyous and everlasting

  • Obtain your Marriage License at least 72hours before the ceremony date. You can register with us up to a year and a half in advance.
  • Choose a date best for you
  • Decide on your guest list and celebration plans
  • Register here to Save The Date
  • Then, just show up at The Courthouse Wedding Chapel with your marriage license, rings (if you have them) I.D., stay calm and get married! We take care of the rest. It IS just that simple.


Samantha M.

Samantha M.

Ceremony was simple and beautiful. The chaplain was super sweet and nice, she took her time and made us feel comfortable and not rushed. The mini chapel was just so nicely decorated. Definitely recommends.

Mary W.

Mary W.

We got Married Oct 1, 2016. It was perfect. Had 30 guests. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony and said it was one prettiest ceremonies they've attended. Felt very original and special. Thank you for giving us a champaine wedding on a beer budget.

Jacqueline R.

Jacqueline R.

We decided to get married by Mrs. Pat, we were looking into just going to the courthouse and then we found this site and decided let's give it a try after reading all the reviews and it was PERFECT. Mrs. Pat welcomed us with open arms, she was very nice and gave us a beautiful ceremony. I'd renew my vows with her when the time comes around. I loved this short, sweet, warm ceremony we were given by Mrs. Pat. Thank you so much for marrying us & for giving us such a beautiful ceremony.

Brianna Devonne

Brianna Devonne

Short, sweet and beautiful. My husband and I are glad we found this place. Ms. Pat is so warm and inviting. Everything was so easy and beautiful & AFFORDABLE. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting a courthouse wedding to go with this place because it feels like a church wedding with the decor and all. Loved our experience! Everything was lovely!

Todd Crabtree

Todd Crabtree

Found Courthouse Wedding Chapel online. What a great experience this was. A great value. Got us off to a great start. Nice, short but very sweet service. Our guest loved it.. Thanks to a great start on the rest of our life.

Nyeva B

Nyeva B

This past Friday we decided to finally have the ceremony, and scheduled it for yesterday (Sunday). We wanted a courthouse ceremony, but it's hard for me to get time off from work and we knew we'd need to do something in the evening or during the weekend. We were able to get a package that not only fit our schedule but our budget as well. The Chaplain was so personable and welcoming. She really does a great job making it feel special. I was worried about what the venue would look like (since I wouldn't be able to do a walk-thru before the BIG day), but it was nice! Very intimate, and I liked how she dimmed the lights for the ceremony. Ultimately, the day was just our style, and I'm so happy this venue was available and made the day feel amazing. Read the other reviews if you're unsure of this place- they all say the same great things as I am! Happy Bride and Groom 🙂

The Courthouse Wedding Chapel, Houston, Texas
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